He speaks the classic trombone vocabulary as naturally as he does Dutch, mixing throaty growls, fat smears, elegant slinkiness, and impeccable wah-wahs like some long-lost Ellington sideman, but he’s just as adept when he gets abstract.”
Peter Margasak: Chicago Reader

“He can be a capricious sound researcher – listen to I Can’t Dance – but can also play with emotional lyricism. The additional track ‘dOeK’, recorded twenty years later, displays the strongly developed sense of form of a fully mature artist.”

Jacob Haagsma: review Wierbos



Coda Magazine: November/December 1998
“..a total player, with outrageous facility and an inquiring mind......”

John Corbett: Down Beat, September 1998
“..the great, subtle, razor-eared, sometimes comic trombonist....He can nail difficult written music, pitch-perfect, and also play a quarter tone off, with greasy vibrato like an inspired rural brass-band amateur. “

Kevin Whitehead: Coda, May/June 1990
“There isn’t much Dutch trombonist Wolter Wierbos can’t do..........

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